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Stein: A beer mug; from the German word *steingut* which means stonewear.

Well, ours may be made of wood, but like stone, they will last for nearly as many years with very little care. Suitable for any cold drinks, they will hold about 14-16 oz. of your favorite beverage. They are available in Cherry, Tiger Maple, and soon in combinations of several types of wood laminated together. We are also planning to add handles for some of the designs in the (hopefully) near future.
(please click on the thumbnails below to see larger images)
the average stein should hold approximately 14 ounces of your favorite cold beverage, and stands about 7" tall.

We are currently not accepting orders.


~ The Bard ~

Shown here in Tiger Maple.
A timeless design with an extra solid foot, to provide stability even under extreme conditions. Narrow 'waist' means that it's easy to hold for smaller hands, even when full of your favorite beverage.

~ Little John ~

Shown here in Cherry.
Just as John was Robin Hood’s faithful companion, this design will serve you for many years to come. Generous, full bowl will hold plenty of your favorite drink, and the narrow waist means it's easy to hold, even when full.

Little John~31.1K
Friar Tuck~26.1K

~ Friar Tuck ~

Shown here in Cherry.
As round and generous in shape as it's namesake, the good Friar, this one is a joy to hold, and a pleasure to use. A robust style that's the perfect choice for a feast or wedding.

~ King Richard ~

Shown here in Cherry
With it's strong lines and finely detailed accents throughout, this design will lend a regal air to any table setting. This one has a solid feel that is a joy to hold and use.

King Richard~34.1K

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