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Important Notice!

We are currently unable to take any orders for custom artwork. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause, but it can't be avoided. We hope to resume this service shortly, but really can't be exact with a date yet
(Last updated: October 26, 2014 ). We will post an announcement when we resume this service, and thank you for your patience!

If you have questions, or need to find out about an existing order, please email us at: sales@tpoint.com

What better way to make your goblet or stein unique to you? Artwork! From faces to the fantastic, icons to initials, virtually nothing is impossible! That’s right; any design can be placed onto any item (within reason, of course!).

Using a woodburning pen and a skilled eye (two, actually), your design can be reproduced in a process known as ’pyrography’. This is, literally, writing with fire.
First your design, or idea, is rendered as a line drawing on paper to work out the placement of elements. Once it is worked out to this level, a copy is sent to you for approval (if you wish), or it can be placed on this site in a private area for you to see. At this point, you may request any changes that you want, or let us know if you like it as is. We will then burn the design onto the item, adding the remarkable detail which is only possible with the fine tipped pen of the woodburning tool.
One other thing...as you can see below, color is also an option. Before the finish is applied, permanent color can be added to enhance the image you have chosen. This color is completely ’light-fast’, meaning that it should never fade under most conditions.
Fine detail is available on your item regardless of it’s size. Naturally, a stein will have more surface area, allowing for larger, more complicated designs.

(please click on the thumbnails below to see larger images)
The close-up image of the Phoenix’s head below is less than the size of a dime on the actual cup.

BW Phoenix rising
Close up Phoenix rising
Color Phoenix rising
Wild Rose

Phoenix Rising ^ (above/ in unfinished Tiger Maple) This design was originally done on a goblet. So, yes, you can put designs from one kind on another.
<The Wild Rose~
shown in maple(left) One of many of the designs inspired by nature. A Victorian favorite.
Woodland Violets~
shown in maple(right) > Always a welcome sight in spring! Now enjoy it all year.

Woodland Violet

The Wrapdragon~shown in Tiger Maple(right) >
One of many original designs. His body and tail wrap all the way around the entire stein!
This one looks great with a monogram. See it here. (17 KB)

The Green Man is one of the many new images we have designed for our unique product line for 2000. Inspired by Celtic lore, he is the ancient guardian of the forest, a symbol of renewal and resurrection. Watch for additions to this line...maybe a Green woman?

click on the image for a larger view (16 KB)

Popcorn monogrammed pair

Not a problem. Any size set of matching items and artwork are available (or random styles, if you prefer). Just let us know what you’re interested in.
Cheaper by the dozen, as they say!
< both left and right are made of cherry >
(please note that all woods vary in appearance, even among the same species. Every effort is made to match among sets)

Ch Pair/roses

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